Black Straight Drill Ø3.65mm External Irrigated


All drills are color-coded with clear depth marks for easy identification of the osteotomy depth.

# Color-code: green

# Diameter: Ø3.65mm

# Length: 16.0mm

# Depth Marking: 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 11.5mm, 13.0mm

# Material: Stainless Steel

# Material Coating: DNT²

# Certificates: CE Approved, ISO (9001:2008), MEDICAL ISO (13485:2003)

# Country of Manufacture: Israel


DNT² Black coated Straight Drill is made from high-quality surgical materials with smooth cutting due to hard carbon lubricants to increase the corrosion-resistant and reduces the cutting temperature. This drill has a very long tool life and increases the apex stability of the implant. Best choice for immediate implanting after extraction

Our black drills depth marks remain clear and visible in any situation during the procedure which eases the drilling sequence and increase the precision level to maximum

black drill