GDT Implants new product catalog! In our 2021 product catalog, you will find new products that specially designed by the best engineers to allow you to perform the most advanced procedures with minimum challenges!

Table Of Contents

Internal Hex Platform

  • Dental Implants:
    1) MOR
    2) CFI
    3) SOL
    4) OPI
    5) OPI Bendable
  • Prosthetics:
    1) Healing Caps
    2) Abutment Screws
    3) Impression Coping
    4) Analogs
    5) Straight Titanium Abutments
    6) Angulated Titanium Abutments
    7) Temporary Abutments
    8) Concave Abutments
    9) Zirconia Abutments
    10) Castable Abutments
    11) Cad / Cam Components
    12) Multi-Unit
    13) Ball Attachments
    14) Click Attachments
    15) Gdt-Loc Attachments

Conical Platform

  • Dental Implants:
    1) CON
  • Prosthetics:
    1) Healing Caps
    2) Impression Coping
    3) Straight Titanium Abutments
    4) Angulated Titanium Abutments
    5) Temporary Abutments
    6) Zirconia Abutments
    7) Castable Abutments
    8) Multi-Unit
    9) Ball Attachments
    10) Click Attachments


  • Drills
  • Drivers For Implants
  • Drivers For Prosthetic
  • Tools
  • Surgical Kits
  • Bio Material

  • Absorbable Sponges

  • GBR System

  • Orthodontic Micro Implants (TADS)

  • Surgical Sutures


Here’s what others are saying:

I ordered CNP and MOR implants.I used many Implants (from different companies) but that implant is one of the best implants and perfectly triggered good bone accumulation and patients returning with good results for a really good price.

-DR. Antonio F.Rossetti


Great products with excellent quality.Fast shipment and nice communication team – answered quickly and professionally to all my questions.I’m really satisfied.

– DR.Mark Dankowski

Highly recommended products.Since I’m using their drills and drivers the surgeries are smooth!!!

– DR. David Y. Greenberg