Lifetime Warranty for Implants

GDT Implants provides a life time warranty for their implants and undertake responsibility
to replace, free of charge, any implant / abutment manufactured by GDT Implants. The
terms and conditions of these warranties are set out under the following conditions
1 GDT Implants does not compensate the professional or the patient by any additional
cost or expenses arising in connection with the failed implant.
2 To receive the benefits of the warranties the professional must have used surgical and
prosthetic components and have performed the implant process according with GDT Implants instructions.
3 Ensure that the patient complies with generally accepted standards of good oral hygiene.
For implants, oral hygiene maintenance examination twice a year are recommended.
Professional: dentist, oral surgeon, physician and dental technicians. GDT Implants is not
obliged to supply any benefits under this warranty with respect to any GDT Implants
product, if the failure was cause by trauma or by the patient claims.
To present a demand under this Warranty, you have to send a completed product
replacement form accompanied by the failed product and the other components places
by the professional within 2 months after the occurrence of the failure. In case of implant
failure of fracture, an x-ray of the failed implant prior to the failure is mandatory. Prior
to submitting the implant and the other parts used in the treatment, ensure that all
products are sterilizes.
If the Client agree to and abide by the provisions of this warranty, the warranty will remain
in effect for lifetime. However, should the Distributor and his client violate one of the
provisions listed above, the warranty will be void.
Application of Warranty:
The warranties gives under this Warranty Program are exclusively for the benefit of
treatment provider and not any other person or entity.
This Warranty Program applies to GDT Implants and all official distributors.

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